Blueprint for Success In Your Holistic Business

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~ Help yourselves, help others

~ Teach and heal others

~ Build a solid holistic career with Master Teresa® Pureland Qi Gong®.

~ Increase income

Chi, Qi or Ki means energy, the life force of creation. Chi Gong is a moving meditation usually with breathing, visualization and gentle movements. It reduces stress, improve blood circulation, increase the life force in the body supporting our immunity and balance emotions. The energy healing of Chi Gong practice is undoubtedly being accepted more and more in the world. With the aging population, pollution, climate changes, world issues create much stress in our life. There is a big demand coming for more Chi Gong healers. With this vision, Master Teresa wishes to support you to start building a holistic business to be prepared for the big demand coming.

Our Precious Gift to You

We carefully put 3 courses in this Blueprint for Success in Your Holistic Business.

Master Teresa has been teaching healers and instructors for decades. She is a life teacher, speaker, coach, mentor and healer with over 23 years of expereince. She wishes to assist you to learn quality teachings despite the distance. In 2018, she starts to offer live online 3 months 16 sessions (with recordings)to compliment this Blueprint course too. Please inquire to [email protected]

1) Instructor Program

2) Fa Chi

3) How to Build Your Holistic Business Without Advertising.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears

1) Chi Gong Instructor Training - Level 1

~ In Master Teresa's journey, she has never thought of teaching Chi Gong but just enjoyed her own learning at the beginning. As she starts to teach Chi Gong, she realizes that art of teaching gives her great joy. Every time she finishes teaching a class, she is a better and happier person before the class.

You will learn how to teach 2 important forms of our Pureland Qi Gong® that has helped millions.

First form: Wu's Health and Fitness Chi Gong™ is especially designed for the North American mindset. Unlike the traditional form of Chi Gong that is usually longer and complicated, it is almost effortless to practice. It can be practiced from 5 minutes to 20 minutes and support the healing of our overall health. Harmonizing the overall health and support the healing of any part of the body. It's gentle, rejuvenating and relaxing to practice a time. The form is our signature form, easy to do, a stress reliever, re-energizing, strengthens the body and improve mood.

Second Form: Chair Chi Gong™ has been created to revitalizing the whole body tailored for people sitting a lot in front of the computer or in a wheelchair. The form is easy-to-do, refreshing and help to loosen up the neck and shoulder in a few minutes. It can improve your mood it.

Its is a great form to practice at lunch and tea break each day.

The course include:

- Step by Step Learning and Training Videos

- Instructor's Manual (pdf)

- Master Teresa's eBook: Life Force Miraculous Power of Chi Gong

- 2 Practice Videos

2) The Healing Hands: Learn "Fa Chi" to Others - Level 1

~ How to Send Chi without Loosing Your Own Energy

~ Support your loved ones and aged parents

~ Heal others while going through healing yourselves

~ Build a Chi Gong practice

An important part of Chi Gong is to receive energy "Chi" from a Chi Gong Master and also practice Chi Gong. There are a shortage of Chi Gong healers and increase demand of healers with the aging population.

Master Teresa® has designed 6-level Fa Chi Session. In this course is the beginning of the first level of Fa Chi 1. Master Teresa shows you how you can start practicing how to send chi to help others without hurting yourself. She carefully shows you that chi healing can be easy-to-do and actually works without a lengthy period of time of training.

The course include:

- Step by Step Learning and Training Videos

- Clearing Your Energy

- Protecting Your Energy

- Sending Chi

Fa Chi level 1 is the base laying a foundation for advance studies

3) How to Start a Holistic Business Without Advertising

At the beginning of Master Teresa's journey, she has built her business without advertising for a few years. She is natural talent and insight of building a holistic business which is different from building a regular business. She has helped her students and other practitioners build their own practices from scratch successfully. You will feel comfortable following her knowledge with gentle guidance.

If you are drawn to this program, believe it that is your calling. Follow your path and it will open a new opportunity for you. Its a lot of fun to go through this course.

Follow Your Calling

There is no Coincidence that you arrive in this website

The 3-Course Bundle gives enough knowledge and training

It is practical and useful without overwhelming

Taking all the information to heart

may take another month and practice

o through it at your own pace at the choice of your time

Special Package

You Get:

+ the knowledge of how to teach Chi Gong

+ when, what and how to explain your teachings

+ how to do Fa Chi healing safely without hurting your enery

+ how to start a holistic business with no clients

+ lots of personal growth

+ 2 Free private teaching sessions with Master Teresa

to go over your concerns and questions

+ Join our new website upon certification

Two 45 minute personal teaching session with Master Teresa

* $899

for 4 months access to the programs

* $997

for Life Time Access

or book a time to speak with Master Teresa to answer your questions

Email: [email protected]

After 4 months, you get an opportunity to purchase the program for a lifetime

for a small fee

+ The opportunity is Priceless

"I sincerely wish you all the best.

Trust that you can do it.

Take charge of the Chi


Take charge of your Life

Let's setup a time to talk before you enroll

I wish to answer all your question.

E: [email protected]

Your Instructor

Master Teresa Yeung
Master Teresa Yeung

Master Teresa Yeung is an internationally recognized Master of Chi Gong, speaker, healer and #1 international award winning bestselling author who speaks on how to achieve your physical, emotional and spiritual balance with Chi Gong. She is the founder of Pureland International Qi Gong and The Seventh Happiness® School of Chi Gong, a certified private institution. She is the sole successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage. Wu was a distinquished Chi Gong master, educator and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong helped millions of people. She is also approved by the U.S.A. National Certification Commission for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), as a continuing education professional development activity (PDA) provider.


Course Curriculum

  About Master Teresa
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Creating and Registering your Business
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Building and attracting clients
Available in days
days after you enroll

Courses Included with Purchase

How to Send "Fa Chi" Healing to Others Level 1
Level 1 : How to Send Chi "Fa Chi"
Master Teresa Yeung
Chi Gong Instructor 3 Month Course
Chi Gong Instructor Training Level 1
Teresa Yeung
10 payments of $97/m
Level 1 Start Building A Successful Holistic Business
Module 3: Simple Ways to Build a Holistic Practice
Master Teresa Yeung

Original Price: $1,147

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Please understand that Chi Gong is a breathing exercises that require discipline. The course really takes 2 months to finish. You will be given 4 months to access the course which is plenty of time.. By giving you 4 months to have unlimited access to the program, you will be on your path to success and build a discipline to complete the program. This is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start go through the program but please do give yourself the time without disturbance. Its best to ask for a quiet time to study. After 4 months, you can choose to pay an extra fee for lifetime access. The fee is $100
Members Monthly Training Hour - Questions and Answers
Each month, you will be offered to join a special Chi training online so you can ask her questions about the course. This is a free service and will be recorded for reaccess should you not be able to attend live.
Would you like to connect with Master Teresa before purchasing the Course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! Lets talk before purchase. Master Teresa would like to speak with you before you purchase this course. She wants to answer your questions and explain how the course works. As she has unique ability to scan energy from a distance, a personal time to talk personal with her is worth over $100. Life is a journey and we welcome you. Please email her: [email protected] to setup an appointment in telephone or Skype.
How can you be certified?
Master Teresa and her teachers honour their expertise. Apply for Certification Please send in 2 videos to Pureland International Qi Gong by Google Drive, Youtube or DVD. 1) video 1: demonstrate yourself practicing the 2 forms and giving simple instructions. 2) video 2: demonstrate yourself doing a Chi Balancing Session on another person. You choose to do it sitting, standing or lying down. The fee is $100 Master Teresa will reveiw your forms and will send you some comments. You may qualify to be certified in which case, we will send a certificate to you with a small fee to cover shipping and handling. Should you need to recertify, the additional fee for the second certfication is $65. You are also welcome to be certified in person at an extra fee.
Pureland Qi Gong® World Organization
After you are certified, you will be invited to be listed in the Pureland Qi Gong® World Organization. The yearly member fee is $75 You will benefit being a member of our world organization. You will give you the privilege to list your services in the directory.

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